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Kevin Ball + season 2

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i’m still so annoyed by that hit in the blues/hawks game today it’s been hours and i still can’t get over it.

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"…he had the choice to run and leave you…but he didn’t. He chose you.”

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gamoraas and pepperspotterybarn asked: tyra collette or lyla garrity?

↳ "thank you, lord, for this food that we are about to receive and for your wisdom, lord. i pray that you will guide me and everyone at this table to respect you and make good choices. for example, do not take advantage of the vulnerability of a recently separated but not yet divorced woman. and in turn, to give others at the table the strength to remember that a mother of three should not be wearing skinny jeans. amen."

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"Crowley designed Dalton, it’s canon. that’s what happened 25 years ago, someone disagreeded with his decor and he killed them and then the legacies made a pact that they could do whatever they wished with thier own room decor but Crowley was coming to collect 25 years later so he sent Adam; the fire in the Art Hall was a statement against bad decorating"

— Islay (via quotesfromplurk)

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"They have Logan Wright syndrome, like, they just didn’t let themselves go there, because good friends."

— George on Wilcroft (via quotesfromplurk)

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Teen Wolf AU: Stiles is supposed to go undercover to help dismantle a chain of brothels employing underage prostitues. Derek is not happy. 

giveaway prompt fill for amasingphil

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omg i just need this game to end already i want to take pain medicine and go to bed

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Dalton by cpcoulter

Characters first and last (current) lines

➥ Derek Seigerson

We’re just going to ignore the fact that he’s shirtless because the gif fits the scene.

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To the Dalton boy reading this…

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do you think the prima girls at dobry ever start singing royals just to spite the other house

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