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Missing You — a Jogan fic 

Okay, this was written in no time at all. Like…fifteen minutes, hah. It’s unbeta’d and probably full of typos and grammar errors, and I can’t even believe I’m posting it, but oh well.  This isn’t the story I mentioned earlier, but I wanted to write and try to have something finished today, so here you go.

Have a Jogan fic with a lot of Juliark friendship. XD Enjoy!

Julian was moody.  He had been away from Dalton for three weeks, and for once, it hadn’t been his idea.  Dolce and his manager had ganged up on him, and decided it would be best for him if he left Dalton for a while after everything that had happened.  Julian was not happy about this turn of events, and everyone around him knew it.

It was starting to drive Cameron and Clark crazy.  When Julian was in a bad mood, he generally caused everyone around him to be in the same mood, and everyone was starting to get sick of it.
One day, Clark decided to do something about it.  Ignoring Julian’s yell of, “Go away!” when he knocked on his trailer door, Clark barged in to see his friend lounging on the bed, phone in hand.
“What part of go away is apparently impossible for you to understand, Sawyer?” Julian asked, glaring at his blond friend.
“Why are you being such an asshole lately, J?” Clark asked, ignoring the question.
Julian glanced down at his phone, and sighed.  “I’m not.”
“Try again,” Clark replied, raising his eyebrow.  “We know you went through hell, and now you’re angry all the time. What’s going on? Cam and I are worried about you.”  Clark had decided the best route was to just be blunt.  It was the only way he was getting anything out of his friend.
“It’s nothing, really Clark,” Julian answered, shaking his head.  He looked at his phone again, glared at the screen, then threw it on the floor.  “I’m just sick of things.”
Clark was silent for a couple seconds.  “You don’t want to be here, do you, J?”
Julian lifted his sunglasses to the top of his head, and stared at Clark.  “You don’t say? Why would I possibly want to be anywhere other than with my friends from school after everything that happened?”
Clark raised his hands. “Sorry! It was just an observation!”
Julian sighed again.  “I know. Sorry. It’s just been a really rough few weeks.”  He chewed on his bottom lip for a second, then glanced up at Clark again.  “I just want to go home, Clark,” he whispered.  It was the first moment of weakness he had allowed himself to show since the funeral.
Clark walked over to the bed, and sat down gingerly next to the other actor.  “I’m sorry, J,” he said, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder.
The two boys sat in silence for a couple seconds, before Clark noticed that Julian was once again glaring at the phone that now laid on the floor.
“Can I ask what your phone did to piss you off?” Clark asked.
Julian laughed, a bitter, quiet laugh.  “I haven’t heard from Logan since I came out here.”  There was no point in lying to Clark.  The other actor knew everything Julian was thinking anyway.
Clark nodded, understanding immediately what the problem was.  “That’s why you’ve been in such a bad mood lately.”  It wasn’t a question.
Julian shrugged.  “He said…he said he wanted to try. You know I told him, right?” Clark nodded, and Julian continued.  “He said there could be something, but then I was shipped over here, and I haven’t heard from him. What if …” Julian was unable to continue that thought.
“If he’s forgotten that quickly what he said, then he’s an ass, Julian,” Clark answered, knowing even without Julian saying what the actor’s next words were going to be.
Julian just shrugged.  “Or maybe he was just humoring me.  Maybe he was just waiting for me to leave again so he could laugh about everything.”
Clark shook his head, but before either boy could say another word, Julian’s phone started buzzing.  Clark picked it up, and handed it to Julian.  Without a word, Julian opened the text, and read the message.
Within seconds, the smile Julian was well known for spread across his face, and he handed the phone to Clark without a word.
Clark looked at the phone.  
I’ve been staring at my phone for three weeks trying to decide what to tell you. I miss you, Jules. Can’t wait until you’re back home.
Clark grinned at his friend.  “I told you so.”

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